Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Circle of Moms Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents

Well, I'm honored!  I've been nominated! I'm in really good company, too, with many of the nominated blogs on my blog roll.  If you feel moved to do so, you can vote for me (or any of the other fine nominated blogs) by clicking on the little badgy thing:

Thank you!


Amanda said...

I voted for you Malinda. Congrats.

But you know I'm going to grumble a little bit about it (not you) right?


malinda said...

Oh, yes, I noted two grumble-worthy points.

First, the small number of adoptee and birthmother blogs. But since it isn't just editor-nominated blogs on the list, and ANYONE can add their blog, some of that can be ameliorated (hint! hint!).

Second, I hate that the intro to the list talks about "big hearts." Yech!

Did I miss anything?

malinda said...

Oh, and thanks for the vote, Amanda! Give me a chance to return the favor (hint! hint!)

Amanda said...

Yes and yes.

I only saw one adoptee there and she's also an a-mom.

How do you nominate a blog? I don't see a link or form anywhere.

Amanda said...

Oh duh. I see it now. Where's my brain? lol

malinda said...

Amanda, I didn't see a way to nominate (I looked). The FAQs talk about how to add your own blog.

I don't know how the editor's nomination process worked -- I just got an email.