Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Don't Buy Anita . . .

. . . and it seems we won't buy Anita Tedaldi's book, either. Two hundred twenty-six people voted in the poll asking whether you'd buy a book by her about her disruption experience (at the time I formulated the poll, I didn't realize her upcoming book was a parenting manual!). Over 90% of respondents said they would not buy her book, 3% said they would buy the book, and 5% answered "maybe."

No surprise, eh? If she does decide to write about her disruption experience, maybe a publisher will do a little marketing survey among adoptive parents and think twice before offering her a contract.


madduchess said...

Unfortunately, Malinda, I think this travesty-on-paper will be a huge bestseller with the general, reality TV lovin' public.

I hate this woman so very, very much. She is the antithesis over everything it means to be a mother.

If she had a soul or conscience at all, she wouldn't release this material. Obviously, it will be released, so every single dime should be placed in trust for D.

A side note, I wonder what D's new parents think about this little money grubbing venture? If I were D's mom, I would be filing sanctions like nobody's business. Surely there must be a way to stop someone from selling another person's child's story for profit. he is NOT Anita's child anymore.

If she wants to write a book detailing her deficiencies and about how much she sucks, then fine. But she shouldn't be allowed to mention D at all or anything about him.

His new parents should be fighting for him on this.

Wendy said...

You go madduchess!

Sad, but true. The more people say she shouldn't and who would dare, the presses will roll on.

Anonymous said...

Confess to being in your MAYBE category. I never really know if I'll be able to resist my baser insincts or not.

The Gang's Momma said...

I love madduchess's comments. What she said is so true - if I were little D's momma, I'd be hoppin mad and doin' something about it.

I feel such pity (and not the kind-hearted, compassionate kind either!) for this woman (AT). Not only is she short-sighted and (to me, it seems) self-absorbed, now she's completely revealed those shortcomings to the whole world. As I said over at the Life of Giving blog, I feel as if all the attention has been about her, her wants, her needs, her failings, etc. I don't feel as if the article in the paper or the interviews were genuinely about little D and his wants or needs. So many missed boats, so many squandered opportunities for all the grown-ups in his story.

His new mom and dad have my devoted prayers - they have some huge mountains to cross with him. I pray that they find the strength and the resources to walk every step with him as he heals.