Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interesting Reading

Here's some interesting reading from around the blogosphere:

From the MadDuchess at the Disloyal Subject of the Red Queen, You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up: the story of a Chinese girl adopted by white parents who haven't told her she's adopted.

From Dawn at this woman's work, Our Adoption Story: if you've only started reading recently, a chance to get the back story on Madison's adoption, and their move to a very open adoption. You can also click here to vote for this woman's work in the best adoption blog category at the Bump, a well-deserved award!

Two stories from the Minneapollis StarTribune on international adoption: Burned By a Baby Broker (subject obvious) & Adoption Treaty Sets Up Double Standard in U.S., about how non-Hague-accredited agencies still operate.

From Cedar, On a Little Island in the Pacific: An Adoption Blog, "Abandonment:" A Disconnect in Adoption: exploring who is defining "abandonment," when the dominant voices in adoption are not those of birth mothers.

Red Faced and Smacked Down (scroll down to Oct. 1): Learning it's not advisable to troll for birth mothers in an online support group for pregnant teens (this is something you need to learn?!).

Yoon Seon at Seumnida: If I Was Different, Would You Have Kept Me? ("I don’t think the shame surrounding my adoption will ever really go away. Even knowing that there are thousands of other adoptees out there, I still feel ashamed… small… frustrated and angry, knowing that had I been kept by my birth mother… I would have been the cause for her life being ruined.")

First Modern Day Adoption Of Chinese Child: From 1980, Chinese child adopted by American couple, Chinese judge declares the child "China's gift of friendship to America." Ick. (hat tip to kantmakm at adopttalkcanada). UPDATE: Thanks to AmericanFamily for the link to the relief bill in Congress trying to straighten out the immigration status of that Chinese child.


Dawn said...

Thanks for the votes (of confidence and then, you know, actual votes). :)

Victoria said...

The first story doesn't surprise me at all. I know someone (supposedly "smart", well-educated, etc.) whose Chinese-born daughter is 4 and she asked me several months ago if I thought she should tell her daughter that she's adopted. I was unable to speak for a couple of minutes. (Don't you think, blond blue-eyed gal, that she is going to figure it out pretty soon?!).

AmericanFamily said...

Here is an interesting follow up on the 1st Chinese adoptee:

Anonymous said...

The story recounted at Mad Duchess will make your hair curl (speaking of hair, I agree with most everyone on the hair post--I thought she looked adorable).