Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vote For Keeping It Real

I've mentioned before that Dawn's blog, this woman's work, is in the running for a Best Adoption Blog award from the Bump. It's down to Dawn and one other blog.

If you're all for keeping it real when talking about adoption, you MUST vote for this woman's work. If you prefer a steady diet of rainbows and unicorns, red threads and ladybugs, vote for someone else. Here's why Dawn wants to win:

» Because I’m tired of the same old cultural ideas about adoption getting play ALL THE DANG TIME.

» Because adoption may be a miracle for the adoptive parents but it’s a whole lot more complicated for our kids, for our kids’ first parents and for the communities/ countries that lose those kids.

» Because if I won the $1000 grand prize I’d donate it to Ethica, who “advocates for national and international improvement of adoption practices, offering support, education and advocacy to all persons affected by adoption.” (per their mission statement)

Now isn't that a refreshing campaign platform?! It's classic Dawn. Dawn is open -- open-minded, open-hearted -- and blogs openly and honestly about the ups and downs of an open, transracial adoption. She is open about her mistakes, about her emotions, about her opinions. She does not shy away from the hard issues in adoption, but shares the happy times, too. She gets what so many don't get -- that adoption is more complicated than the win-win narrative that society sells.

So please vote for Dawn. And you can hit refresh, and vote again and again and again (the Bump says it's ok to do so!). Please pass the word -- time is running out! We have until 11:59pm EST Monday to vote for keeping it real.