Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoe's Book Review

At Home in This World
by Jean MacLeod
illustrated by Qin Su

Review by ZOE

What the Book is About: A nine -year-old girl's adoption story, and needing pieces of her life that is like a puzzle. She was adopted from China and wonders if her face is like her birthmother. She thinks about her birthmother. Her story is a lot like mine. She loves her parents and wouldn't want another Family, but she thinks she'll always miss her birth family.

What I Like About the Book: That her story is like mine. She was adopted like me and she thinks about her birth family like me.

What I Didn't Like About the Book: Nothing!

How the Book Helped Me: By helping me understand that adoption is hard, and that it's OK to think about my birth family. Some people are mad that their birthparents let them go and some aren't. Some kids that are adopted don't mind that their birthparents let them go and some what to talk about it with their forever family. Some kids want to forget about how their birthparents let them go and just want to have fun with their forever family.


Wendy said...

Hi Zoe,

You don't know us personally, but we have followed your journey to China and back and have really enjoyed watching you grow. My daughter Madeline is also a Guiping girl and asks many of the questions you do about her birthparents and she agrees with you, being adopted and explaining it is hard. She loves her forever family, but often wonders what her birthparents names are and if she looks like them--sometimes she wants to go to China to find them and other times she doesn't think she wants to meet them. I am sure this is a very hard decision and one that is not easily answered.

Thank you for your book review! We will be ordering the book this afternoon. Madeline thought the book sounded like something she would like to read and wondered if the girl was like her too.

Please keep us posted with any great books you find!

zoe'sfriendsyd said...

Hi Zoe - That was a fun skating party yesterday, wasn't it? I know that your book will be a very good one. So I will love to read it. I like Maya's book too. Love, Sydney