Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthdays and Birthparents

Zoe started making her own lifebook -- she picked out the pictures and wrote the captions -- this summer as we talked more about her birthparents. She says in her book: " On my birthday I think about my birthparents and how they are wondering how old, tall, and big I'm getting."
Birthdays have long caused Zoe to think about her birthparents. Just before she turned 3, she said to my mom, "On my birthday, my birthmom puts candles on a cake and sings me happy birthday." I had never said anything like that to her, so it was definitely her own idea. And she shared that with my mom completely out of the blue - -they weren't talking about BPs or adoption or China or even birthdays!

Birthdays are a pretty common time to think about birthparents, I imagine. I know I think about Zoe's and Maya's birthparents on their birthdays; like Zoe, i'd like to think they are remembering these girls. I find myself trying to send vibes to them to let them know how wonderful and happy their birthchildren are in their new family.

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