Friday, March 16, 2012

On the Road Again!

We're headed back home now, having left Washington, D.C. on Thursday.  Before leaving we hit the Tidal Basin to see the starting-to-bloom cherry trees, the new Martin Luther King Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.  We also caught glimpses of the White House and the Washington Monument across the water.

We've driven back a different route, passing through West Virginia, Kentucky, a smidge of Missouri, and a dab of Tennessee.  We're currently in Arkansas, and looking forward to getting home tomorrow.  The girls have been terrific travelers, though they are more than ready to be home now.

As a kid, we didn't really have "family vacations."  Our long car trips were to visit relatives, not to see new and exciting places.  I was always envious of friends whose families headed off to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon or the beach in the summer.  So now I'm satisfying that childhood yearning, dragging the family halfway across the U.S. for Spring Break! And I've enjoyed every grueling mile, every are-we-there-yet moment!

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LisaLew said...

Loooove these pics! Especially the last one, so happy!