Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chinese New Year, Chinese School Edition

As the Mistress of Ceremonies reminded us at the beginning of Chinese School's New Year celebration, Chinese New Year lasts 15 days!  So despite our various celebrations to date, today we had one more!  That's pretty much the entire student body of Chinese School, singing Gong Xi, Gong Xi, a traditional Chinese New Year song.

Zoe's class presented traditional New Year greetings, and Maya's class presented traditional New Year customs.

For the last few weeks, Zoe and Maya have been going to Chinese School early to learn traditional Chinese folk dance.  Today was the first performance, and they did a very cute umbrella dance.

Believe it or not, that last shot of the two girls together was the last part of the actual dance, not posed! But I couldn't resist the opportunity for posed shots after the dance, of course!

After performing, it was time for fun and games for the kids.  That means Chinese yo-yos and calligraphy.

Finally, each child received a lucky red envelope from her teacher, after responding (in Chinese, of course!) to a traditional Chinese New Year greeting!


LisaLew said...

Nice celebration and pictures. I like the one with Maya gazing up adoringly at her lovely sister.

Adoption Records said...

Looking great, very happy and sure very nice celebration. So different than celebrations I am used to in Europe