Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinese New Year, Performance Edition

Chinese New Year is approaching (January 23), and we've started off the usual round of celebrations with a performance.  The Fort Worth Chinese School, where the girls attend, was invited to perform their lion dance and flag dance at a local adoption agency's adoptive families Chinese New Year celebration (not the agency we used, btw).  It was kind of interesting attending such an event NOT as audience but as performers!

The girls had a great time showing off, and I'm hopeful that some of the adoptive parents present might think about sending their children to Chinese School!
The girls got to partake of the buffet, with Zoe eating her weight in dumplings, as usual, and do some of the crafts available for the kids. (Yes, that's Maya posing with the fan she colored.)
Afterwards, some of the audience kids posed with the lion masks, to the delight of the adoptive parents.  Of course, mine also had to pose -- they're behind these masks (and the ones above) with their good friend Mae.


Anonymous said...

is there school full time? that's nice.

Steve (Mae's Dad) said...

To Anonymous:

The Fort Worth Chinese School is a Saturday afternoon school. We feel very lucky to have such a tremendous resource.