Friday, January 6, 2012

Adoption from China Incompatible with American Values?

Lord, what a bizarre video!  Thanks to Reena, who linked to it in the comments to the De-Americanizing Asian Americans post, we can see what at least one crazy person (the video-maker) thinks of the fact that Jon Huntsman can speak Chinese and has adopted a daughter from China!  Suddenly it makes him the Manchurian candidate, it makes him Mao, it makes him not-American.  Sheesh!

FYI, I have no dog in the Republican primary fight.  This is not meant as endorsement or condemnation of any candidate!  But I will say I'm completely jealous of Huntsman's fluency in Chinese. . . .


Lori @ Five of My Own said...

that's one of the nuttiest things I've ever seen.

Reena said...

Thanks Malinda!

It really is scary to see this kind of stuff, because we know there are people out there who do believe this kind of 'stuff.'

Kaern said...

Im not saying this as a political supporter either way, but I have heard some of the things Paul has said, and I dont think it's part of his beliefs.
If you look at the remarks, almost all of them (who seem to be Paul supporters) say that this might be a ploy against Paul, by a supporter of Huntsman, to make Paul look bad.
Frankly, I wouldn't put it past a supporter of Paul to be a nut job, nor would I put it past a supporter of Huntsman to make the video to smear Paul.
I do, however, seem to think it's more of a smear of Paul than anything else. This video maker has no other videos out there, declaring his prejudices. If he really had a vendetta against Chinese Americans, or against China, or even against Communists, I would think he would have voiced his opinions by now if it were a real view.
Sadly, that's politics...Say something stupid yourself, do something stupid that you can be caught at, or get smeared by the other side before you make it anywhere near the top. It's all about the game.

Reena said...

I think it is mostly a smear against Chinese Americans and families who adopt from China-- regardless of which candidate supporter made the video.

FWIW: I am an Independent-- no political affiliations.