Monday, December 5, 2011

A Verdict in the "Ultimate Disruption"

After a slew of adoption disruption stories in the news, I posted the story of Kairissa Mark, a 4-year-old, 21-pound, special-needs adoptee from China, beaten to death by her adoptive mother (a pediatrician, of all things) 83 days after her adoption, as the "Ultimate Disruption."
On Friday, a jury convicted Dr. Mark of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and child abuse.  The first degree murder conviction merits an automatic life sentence.  The Tennessean paints the picture as the verdict was handed down:
A former Mt. Juliet pediatrician accused of killing her newly adopted 4-year-old daughter was sentenced to life in prison after a jury Friday found her guilty of first-degree murder and abuse charges.

Deborah Wen-Yee Mark, 40, slowly shrunk in her seat as the jury foreman read the verdict from each charge. First-degree murder? Guilty. Four counts of aggravated child abuse? Guilty. Child Abuse? Guilty.

With each charge, she sank lower until her head was resting on the table where she sat and her shoulders heaved with silent sobs. Courtroom deputies had to help her stand and walk out of the room after she was given an automatic life sentence in prison for the first-degree murder conviction. She’ll be sentenced separately on the other charges at a later date.

Wilson County Assistant District Attorney Tom Swink praised the verdict. “Kairissa Mark received justice today,” he said.
Kairissa's adoptive father still faces charges of child abuse, though Dr. Mark's defense was that it was he, not her, who struck the killing blows.  The defense vows to appeal, including on the grounds that her lengthy confession was coerced and false.


Truly Blessed said...

All child abuse cases are horrible, those that end in death are especially so, but this one seems more horrible than most because of the parent's professions.

Of all of the professions who have knowledge of resources, those who, like the mother, who have chosen to work with children, how in the world could this have happened? A single outburst, a violent reaction one time I can somewhat wrap my mind around...but repeated abuse over the span of months? I cannot understand why this couple did not seek help. I cannot understand why someone who took an oath to "first, do no harm" could end up killing a child. It is chilling and extremely disturbing.

And now, the 8 year old will likely lose not only her sister, but both of her parents. That poor, poor child.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen broken bones including the ribs in her back.

Too bad there was not the death penalty!

Of course child abusers face a very tough haul in prison, maybe her fellow inmates will make sure the life sentence is the death penalty.

Akum said...

How can they live with themselves?!