Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Parents of adopted children full of love

From China Daily, a Chinese defense of American adoptive parents in the wake of the horrific case of abuse of an adopted Chinese girl by her adoptive parents:
The crime has appalled both Chinese and Americans. The website of the Olympian, a newspaper based in Washington state, was left with plenty of messages condemning the couple and hailing the punishment. Some demand that the penalty be more severe.

Indignation at the couple was understandable. However, this was an isolated case and should by no means alter people's perception of those with children adopted from China.

I have known many of them over the years. In my mind, each of them deserves a medal, or at least a thank-you note, for helping change those children's lives. These children, mostly girls abandoned by their parents and some with special needs, such as a cleft palate, would otherwise grow up in orphanages had they not been adopted by the American parents.

"I want to thank you on behalf of 1.3 billion Chinese" were the words in my mouth when I first met those families in Minnesota 12 years ago.


Von said...

Perhaps some of the fault lies with the adoption industry for inadequate preparation and assessment.

Anonymous said...

Well, they certainly never gave us much preparation, that's for sure. I saw that article too and saw it as general face-saving about the program in general by a Chinese national. The gov't sticks closely to the official story at all times--all good.

Not to say that most of us don't love our kids because I believe we do.

Anonymous said...

So SO sad. There was also a recent case where a 15-year old boy molested his 9-year old adopted (Liberian) sister. The parents came to the defence of their son (saying thegirl was sexually active before they adopted her).

LisaLew said...

Abuse occurs in adopted children AND biologically related children. I wouldn't allow this report or others to allow us to jump to the conclusion that abuse is "more" prevalent in adopted children, as I know of no concrete studies that prove that.
Premies have the highest rate of abuse, last I read.