Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry I've been so delinquent in blogging -- it seems I can handle only one obsession at a time, and right now I'm working on Maya's travel scrapbook. Yes, with the fourth anniversary of our adoption trip for Maya imminent, I'm finally getting around to working on her scrapbook! Two weekends ago I did an all-weekend crop, and managed to get through referral, travel, Beijing, gotcha moment, first day together, and finalization of adoption -- about 15 pages.
Maya is thrilled, and each morning she asks me if I've done any more pages while she was sleeping! That's motivated me to another 15 pages, and I've gotten us all the way through our stay in Nanning, and we're heading into Guangzhou. Of course, the most meaningful moments in Nanning were getting Maya and finalizing her adoption. Second comes visiting Mother's Love Orphanage and meeting Maya's foster mother and foster sister.

I promise to be a more diligent blogger in the future! But I have enjoyed getting back into scrapbooking after a hiatus of about 4 years, and also enjoyed revisiting that special trip to China.

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Lisa said...

It sounds like it means so much to Mia to see you working diligently on "her" book. What a lovely keepsake.