Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jupiter Lighthouse

We visited the Jupiter Lighthouse today -- the kids climbed the 105 steps and have the "I Survived the Climb" certificates to prove it!  My mom and I decided to sit it out, so thank goodness for William to shepherd the girls up and then down those steps!  He's also responsible for all the great photos.

Stairs spiraling upwards inside the lighthouse.

The view from the top.

Zoe at the top.

Maya at the top.

Zoe spirals down.

The 80-year-old banyan tree, aka "walking tree" at the base of the lighthouse.

A lizard in the roof of the Indian tiki hut on the lighthouse grounds -- built there to commemorate the Seminole Indians who were forced off the land to make way for the lighthouse.

A pineapple growing in the replica garden next to the original settler's cabin, known as a "cracker house," after the whips used by the cowboys to herd cattle.


PletcherFamily said...

We used to live in Palm Beach Gardens which is right beside Jupiter. My husband worked in Jupiter - nice place!

Anonymous said...

We went snorkeling today in Jupiter. The snorkeling wasn't that great, but the funniest thing happened. A tiny fish--about the size of a half dollar--got right in front of my mask and swam right there with me the entire time I was snorkeling. At first, I tried to shoo him away, but then I got used to him and enjoyed having him there with me. He was the highlight of an otherwise uneventful (unless you consider me getting pelted against the rocks by the waves an event) snorkeling trip! clf